Original50mm Series

“ES-C5071RB” is a rainbow strap that has been planned since the beginning of SpiceNote.
But how to pack the SpiceNote concept and distinguish it from the rainbow straps already on the market… Three years have passed through trial and error…
For the materials, many parts and fabrics were tried, and how they were arranged and commercialized.It took a long time, but the best strap of SpiceNote concept was completed.
The main material is acrylic material like cotton.
Unlike the slippery material, it realizes exquisite hold feeling and operability.

Genuine leather (black) is used at the end of the strap.
Metals such as buckles reduce reflections on the stage We adopt antique color.
The brand logo is embossed on the strap end of the body end to avoid claims.
Width: 50mm(2inch) Length: 850mm ~ 1510mm(33.5inch~59.5inch)

Color Variation