Original50mm Series
ES-PJ50DF “Dragons&Flowers”

ES-PJ50DF “Dragons&Flowers” Spice Note The first patterned strap has been completed!
What kind of pattern and atmosphere do you like? As a first attempt, there were various trials and errors in commercializing patterned products.
The important ones are “the strap that the user wants” and “the cool strap”.
Then, we added “handiness” and returned to the origin of SpiceNote,and repeated planning and sample making.
PJ50DF uses jacquard woven fabric, so the production efficiency is not high,but jacquard fabric gives a unique three-dimensional appearance and atmosphere.
It is also a feature that even if it is the same color, the expression to show the pattern is different because it is cut into multiple pieces from one piece of fabric.
Polypropylene (PP) woven belt is used for the lining of the main body.
This PP belt is also carefully selected due to its tension and thickness.
It has both high texture and moderate operability.

Genuine leather (black) is used at the end of the strap.
Metals such as buckles reduce reflections on the stage We adopt antique color.
The brand logo is embossed on the strap end of the body end to avoid claims.
Width: 50mm(2inch) Length: 820mm ~ 1450mm(32.5inch~57inch)

Color Variation