about SpiceNote

SpiceNote is a musical instrument accessory brand born in Japan in 2016.
What we care about is not just offering products to our customers.

Your preferences and attitudes toward music vary.

Imagine such various music life, Not only can you enjoy it comfortably, but it also stimulates your music life with new discoveries.
We plan, develop, manufacture and sell products with the desire to become a partner.
In product planning, we pursue originality according to modern demands, not just consciousness of Vintage. Regarding production, we are handmade by Japanese skilled craftsmen and perform thorough quality control. This prevents defective products.

SpiceNote has shipped to over 400 stores in Japan and continues to sell it.Overseas customers’ purchase history is remarkable at stores.
And we will deliver SpiceNote to overseas customers from 2020.


Original 50mm Series

Gevaert Collaboration Series

Other Accessories