New Concept Strap Attachment
ES-SL16AG “SpiceLoop for AcousticGuitar”

ES-SL16AG “SpiceLoop for AG” is a tool called loop end that attaches a strap to an instrument that does not have a strap pin on the neck side of the acoustic guitar body.
This loop end has been designed and designed with a safer and more secure concept, while continuing its orthodox style, and has been repeatedly tested.
The adoption and mounting method of the screw type button not only prevents accidental falling off, but also reduces the damage of the body and the end of the strap even if it is repeatedly attached and detached.Tighten the combination screw with a special washer with a coin to ensure reliable tightening and solve the problem of loosening.

How to Use

Installation is easy !! Pass the body between the head and the string,
and stop the screw-type button as if sandwiching the strap.

* Image is SL16AG / WIN for acoustic

We carefully cut cowhide at a Japanese factory and emboss the brand logo casually.
The special design of the acoustic and ukulele changes not only the length and width, but also the location of the holes and the thickness of the leather.
After several tests, the shaft length was set to 10 mm with the combination screw selected.
Compatible with straps up to 4.5mm thick.
The specially designed thick rubber washer is tightly tightened with pressure when tightened,
absorbs the vibrations of the playing instrument and prevents it from loosening.

Color Variation




Precautions for use

Assuming that it is used for musical instruments, it may loosen due to vibration if not tightened.
In addition to checking the tightness before use, check for any looseness after playing for a while to ensure safety.